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Orlo is the platform of choice for Connexus, thanks to the extensive customer support available online, on the phone and face to face. As part of this ongoing support, Connexus were able to feedback on their niche requirements and help shape the development of the tool with the introduction of the Facebook location targeting tool - a development that was subsequently made available to all Orlo Users.

With their social strategy based on 3 main goals - highlighting Connexus in the community, detailing life at Connexus and championing quality social housing - Orlo has enabled the housing association to engage with stakeholders on these three main areas, in the best way for their audience; via feeds, DMs
and comments.

Much of their success on social has been down to their video content strategy. Orlo has allowed them to work at pace, from adding subtitles on videos to posting the same clip across multiple social channels, they can do it all within the platform. And with the recent addition of Instagram into their channel mix, there are promising signs, made possible with Orlo’s ability to schedule and push content straight to that social network. This saw their Instagram achieve greater reach than both Twitter and LinkedIn combined in January 2021.

These, coupled with a more responsive team and being available where their customers feel comfortable talking with them, have played a vital role in building awareness of their relatively new brand.

*01/04/2020 to 31/12/2020


Instagram’s growing our reach - being able to schedule our content at relevant times straight onto our feed using Orlo is a no-brainer. It's giving us more time to focus on content creation and talking with our audience.

Jim Kerwood - Brand Manager