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Natural Language Processing

Orlo Insights - Sentiment Emotion Themes

Get the word on the street

According to a study by Capgemini, the real driver of human behaviour is emotion. What if you could unlock a greater understanding of how your customers really feel about your organisation? Well, with Orlo Insights, you can. Our tech not only highlights the trends, themes and overall sentiment of results in your listening streams, but picks out emotion too - now that’s impressive!

Orlo Insights - Sentiment Emotion Themes

The all-seeing eye

Underpinned by natural language processing, Orlo Insights doesn’t need you to build out a lengthy library of names and nouns it should be looking out for - using Entity Recognition, it automatically finds the things being spoken about for you! So, if you’re an online retailer, it can flag up posts about delivery issues with minimal effort, and if you’re a council, it can pick out conversations about your newest services without the need to update a taxonomy.


It's just emotion taking me over

Sure, sentiment analysis is useful in itself, but what if you could take things to the next level? With the ability to detect 28 different emotions, from admiration to disgust and joy to remorse, you get a far more granular understanding than with sentiment analysis alone. With a deeper context of how the person you’re chatting with feels, you can take action to ensure you deliver the best experience possible during your interactions! 


Positive, negative or on the fence

With listening streams searching for new results every second of the day, it’s just not possible to manually review each conversation, post or article to understand the sentiment within. Luckily, our clever tech can detect just how positive or negative a result is in an instant! Whether tenants are raving about your home maintenance engineers or commuters are moaning about delays to your trains, you’ll get an accurate analysis of the sentiment of every single result!

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Keep a finger on the pulse

Intelligent AI analyses results from your listening streams, so you can stay on the front foot and be alerted to emerging trends in a heartbeat! Our nifty automation can be fine-tuned to work for you, ensuring alerts trigger at the right time, so if you’re a police force listening for chatter about traffic incidents, you can take action in the moment. Plus you’ll gain insight into the ‘unknown, unknowns’ too - the things you didn’t even know were having an impact!

Ready to listen,

understand and act?

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