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Next Generation Listening

Orlo Insights - Social Listening Streams

Finding it hard to filter through the noise?

Whether you’re a charity being tagged in a fundraiser’s latest Facebook post or you’re a train operating company who’s latest price increases are causing ructions in the news, listen in across the web with Orlo Insights! Use the power of AI to cut through online chatter and gain some serious insight into your brand, customers, competitors, products, industry and more - you never know, you could stop a crisis in its tracks!

Orlo Insights - Social Listening Streams

Hear from the masses

From blogs, forums and news articles, to public and private conversations on social channels, listen to more than 2 million data sources across the web! Keep an ear to the ground with streams dedicated to the things that matter to your brand, so you can unearth new intelligence and make data-driven decisions all at the click of a button.

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Right person, right time

With interactions flooding in across channels, extracting actionable insight takes countless hours. Let Orlo Insights do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Pair AI-driven tech together with your team, automatically detecting, analysing and alerting them to the interactions that need their expertise, driving efficiency and improving CX!


Take real time action

Spotted something of interest in one of your listening streams? Take action and respond in the moment by pulling relevant posts and conversations straight into your Inbox! Make life even easier by using Automation, to alert you to detected trends as they’re emerging, so you can jump in and protect your reputation before things start to get out of hand! 


Amplify the good stuff

There’s nothing better for your reputation than a glowing review, whether that’s a good news story on BBC News, a positive review on Trustpilot or a post that’s raving about your brand! Now, you can make the good stuff work ten times harder, by turning results from your listening streams into new content in just a few clicks! Who said content generation can't be easy?!

Ready to listen,

understand and act?

Want to see what our AI-powered Insights suite could do for your organisation? Request a demo now and we'll show you how we can help you turn insight into action to manage reputation, improve customer experience and boost customer engagement in real-time!