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Orlo Insights - Trend Detection

Make every second count!

Every organisation wants to be able to nip issues in the bud as soon as they emerge - the million dollar question is, how? With Orlo’s Automation tools in your armoury, you’ll be one step closer to hitting the jackpot. Whether you’re looking to gain efficiency by automating day-to-day processes or you’re looking at the bigger picture, let Orlo's Automation do the hard work, so you don't have to!

Orlo Insights - Trend Detection
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There's no smoke without fire

Tired of firefighting? Stay on the front foot and be alerted to new and emerging trends as soon as they spark with Orlo’s Trend Detection feature - nifty automation that can be fine-tuned to work for your organisation! So, whether customers are praising the cleanliness of your restaurants on Trip Advisor or citizens are up in arms about changes to council tax on social media, you can be alerted and take action in the moment!


For the lovers and the haters

Sure, showing your advocates some love is important to maintain loyalty, but identifying and dealing with your detractors before things start to snowball is vital when managing your brand’s reputation and improving your overall experience. Identify where your attention is needed most, push those messages to your Inbox using Automation, and let your teams work their magic, all from within the Orlo platform!


Talking the same language

With more than 37 different dialects in the UK alone, it’s clear that we all have our own individual way of expressing ourselves. But that’s no problem for Orlo’s Trend Detection, which uses advanced AI to automatically interpret and classify the chatter into meaningful and actionable insights. So whether your audience is screaming ‘website down’, ‘site issues’ or ‘you’re offline’, with Orlo Insights, you’ll get the message loud and clear!


The recipe for success

Create automated triggers that kick into action when a new trend or topic of interest is detected! Whether you want to automatically tag a theme, add a note or assign to a team member, get a hand managing those time sensitive situations and allow your team to focus on the things that really matter - all while reducing time, effort and cost to serve!

Ready to listen,

understand and act?

Want to see what our AI-powered Insights suite could do for your organisation? Request a demo now and we'll show you how we can help you turn insight into action to manage reputation, improve customer experience and boost customer engagement in real-time!