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Whether they’re switching on a light, running a bath or cooking their tea, almost every single person in the UK will use the services provided by Utility companies each and every day. But unless something goes wrong, people often pay little mind to the huge organisations working hard to keep the lights on! When things do go belly up, customers flock to social media to vent their frustrations, flooding customer service inboxes with enquiries about what’s going on and when it’ll be fixed. 

With so many messages to respond to across multiple channels - and the public watching closely - these influxes of inbound messages aren’t easy to handle! But what if you could manage all of your digital conversations from one simple to use inbox? Well, not only can you do that with Orlo, but you can also take care of all your social media marketing through the platform too! With less time spent faffing with various channels and tools, you and your team can focus on what really matters - providing the best possible customer experience!



What makes us unique?


Let's get digital

Reduce both time and cost to serve by shifting away from traditional contact channels and into the digital age


Firing on all cylinders

Analyse, learn from and improve your social activity to grow your audience and attract new customers


First-class service

Deliver the best possible experience across your digital channels to positively influence C-SAT and CMEX scores

Content is king

From informing followers of upcoming maintenance work to providing tips on how to reduce energy consumption, ensure you’re engaging your audience consistently by using the Content Calendar to schedule campaigns. Build credibility, amplify positive feedback and enhance your brand perception too, by sharing content generated by happy customers straight from the inbox.  Understand exactly which content is resonating with your audience with Orlo’s Analytics suite, so you can optimise future campaigns to see customer engagement and sentiment  soar, which in turn can positively influence your CMEX scores!

That's what gets results

Digital conversations are a rich source of data, providing invaluable insight for your organisation. With a suite of fully customisable reports, our powerful Performance Analytics solution gives you a holistic view of how you're doing in an instant. With a single source of truth it’s easy to dive into the data, export the information you need and share it across your business, enabling your teams to make data-driven decisions. And with Orlo’s Competitor Analysis tool, you can take a peek at what your rivals are doing to see how you scrub up against them - you might even get inspiration for your next campaign...

Keep an ear to the ground

Whether your organisation is tagged or spoken about without a direct mention, use Orlo’s Social Listening tool to help identify posts that mention you, and proactively get involved in the conversations that are important to your organisation! You can keep an eye on a whopping 2 million plus data sources with our Media Monitoring solution, powered by LexisNexis, and filter out the noise to monitor what matters most to you. Ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time too, by utilising clever automation in the form of Orlo’s Triggers - you never know, you might stop a Twitter storm in its tracks! 

We're all in this together

The Orlo Inbox brings your digital conversations together into one platform, providing a better agent experience and making it easy for your Marketing and Customer Service teams to work in perfect harmony. So whether your interactions take place on Social, Live Chat, WhatsApp or SMS, your team can effortlessly deliver the best possible service without leaving the Inbox - driving time and cost to serve down and customer satisfaction up! Collaboration is made simple too, with the ability to quickly add notes against customers, assign or forward messages to colleagues and ask for validation before posts get sent - it’s easy peasy!