Orlo for Travel & Transport

One platform to bring customer service and marketing closer


Treat your digital CX to an upgrade

Digital channels have grown to be the preferred method of contact for many customers, and while travelling they’re the most convenient choice too. As inbound interactions continue to rise, travel and transport companies are feeling the pressure to respond in a timely and personalised manner - and when disruption strikes, the pressure continues to mount!

The Orlo platform gives travel and transport businesses peace of mind when it comes to managing digital conversations. With one unified inbox for all Social, WhatsApp, SMS and Live Chat interactions, staying on track and ensuring no customer enquiry gets missed is easy peasy lemon squeezy. With a single platform for both customer service and marketing to work from, your teams are empowered to work together to deliver a first-class customer experience - it’s all plain sailing from here!



What makes us unique?

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One for all, all for one

One platform to manage your marketing and customer service digital conversations.

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United we stand

A unified approach to managing customer expectations during times of disruption.

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Spoilt for choice

Be available to your customers anytime, anywhere on the digital channel of their choice.

Don't just take our word for it...


Orlo are a young, passionate and energetic team who are very responsive to changing customer trends, which really appealed to us as we wanted a future-proof solution that would adapt as technology progresses.

Samantha Cox - Service Delivery Manager - National Express

We’re all in this together

With a single source of truth for all your digital conversations, it’s easy for Marketing and Customer Service teams to work in perfect harmony. Collaboration is made simple with the ability to quickly add notes against customers, assign or forward messages to colleagues and ask for validation before posts get sent - it’s easy peasy! 

Disruption… it’s inevitable

Handling disruptions that are out of your control is just part and parcel of the travel and transport industry and effectively managing customer expectations and enquiries at these tricky times is vital. Press pause on scheduled marketing posts, turn on validation for outgoing messages and only worry about what matters - informing and interacting with customers. 

Convenience is key

While on the move it’s quick and easy to whip out your phone and send off a quick social post, WhatsApp or SMS. Being sure you’re contactable on the digital channels customers are using everyday is only half of the battle. Ensure you listen and respond to public and private messages, and you’ll have an army of happy brand advocates in no time! 

Nip it in the bud

In times of crisis, customers often turn to social channels to vent their frustrations. Whether they’re tagging you in their posts or talking about your organisation without a direct mention, use Orlo’s social listening tool to identify those conversations and respond appropriately before you find yourself in the midst of a Twitter storm!