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Orlo for travel and transport

One platform to bring customer service and marketing closer



Treat your CX to an upgrade


Deliver a first-class customer service and increase omnichannel response time through Orlo’s Unified Inbox.


Push out delay, disruption and accessibility communications across your socials from one platform to give customers critical live travel information on the channels they use.


Listen to the trends and get the edge on potential disruption and crises through Orlo Insights’ next-generation social listening

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Collaborate across teams

Provide a seamless journey through marketing campaigns and customer service communication to ensure all your customers are on the right track. Collaboration is made simple with the ability to quickly add notes against customers, assign or forward messages to colleagues and ask for validation before posts get sent. 


We’re all in this together
Disruption... its inevitable

Keep crisis at bay

Handling disruptions is a constant challenge in the travel and transport industry and effectively managing customer expectations and enquiries at these tricky times is vital. Press pause on scheduled marketing posts, turn on validation for outgoing messages and only worry about what matters - informing and interacting with customers. 

Listen, understand, act 

Listen in to the chatter around your services with or without a direct mention. With Orlo's next generation social listening, you can identify pain-points or disruptions in specific locations and gauge emotional reactions around areas of your service. Plus, where you're identifying busy schedules or hot destinations, you can act to stop crisis in it's track, or to improve your CX. 


Nip it in the bud
Convenience is key

Be there when it matters

While on the move it’s quick and easy to whip out your phone and send off a quick social post, WhatsApp or SMS. Being sure you’re contactable on the digital channels customers are using everyday is only half of the battle. Ensure you listen and respond to public and private messages, and you’ll have a fleet of happy brand advocates in no time! 

Orlo are a young, passionate and energetic team who are very responsive to changing customer trends, which really appealed to us as we wanted a future-proof solution that would adapt as technology progresses.

Let us show you the magic...


Want to find out what the Orlo platform can do for your travel and transport organisation? 

If you'd like to see how Orlo can help you get ahead of crisis situations, identify hot destinations and open up conversations across social channels for yourself, fill out the form and get in touch with one of our experts for a tailored demonstration!