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Orlo for Police

One platform to manage your Force's digital conversations



Build trust in your force with every interaction


Push out omnichannel citizen communications across your community from one platform to ensure the right message is heard by the right people - at the right time!


Streamline your social media service response and deliver a high level of citizen engagement across channels at scale.


Gain the trust that comes from 24/7 availability across channels though our universal communication tool, with access to deep conversation Auditing and Tamper Check features.

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Stay in touch while on the go 

In our connected world, smartphones are used by the majority of the population, which is why Orlo supports the channels citizens use everyday. Ensure crimes can be reported everywhere by everyone, reducing the number of inbound phone calls. What’s more, your officers can keep track of those incoming reports, respond quickly and schedule their own updates, all on the go through our mobile app!


Stay in touch while on the go
Keep citizens engaged

Keep citizens engaged

From informing the public of the latest guidance to raising awareness of a missing person, ensure you’re reaching and engaging your audience consistently by using the Content Calendar to schedule digital campaigns. Orlo’s Analytics enable you to easily understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t, with the reports easily shared internally and externally too.

Listen, understand, act

With Orlo's next-generation Social Listening at your fingertips, you can set up real-time monitoring streams that enable you to keep track of social conversations, giving you situational awareness, so you can react to crises and incidents as they emerge. Get involved in the interactions that matter most directly from the inbox, stopping the situation from escalating and preventing the spread of misinformation. Conversations will be admissible in court too, thanks to Orlo’s unique Tamper Check tool!


Listen, act, understand_
Collaborate across teams

Collaborate across teams

Whether messages are coming in through Social, WhatsApp, SMS or Live Chat, your team can work collaboratively to manage interactions using a centralised Orlo Inbox. Have peace of mind that posts going out are in line with the Force’s tone of voice by using Post Approvals, so no message goes live without being checked. And whether your agents are multiskilled or focus on just one channel, you can filter messages to suit you, saving agents time and reducing response times too.

Orlo is key to our strategy – not only does it help staff allocate messages to the right teams or Police officers, but it also offers an audit trail, so we can monitor what content is going out and when, as well as, control which staff members have access to which accounts.


Let us show you the magic...


Want to find out what the Orlo platform can do for your organisation? 

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