Orlo for the Police

One platform to manage your Force's digital conversations


Let's cut to the chase...

The public has always known and trusted 999 as the channel to reach the Police in an emergency. In a digital first world, Police Forces are now expected to ensure the public can reach them through the channel they choose - and Orlo can help! Our platform provides a universal communication tool for Police Forces, enabling them to execute on all of their social objectives and have 'one voice' across the Force. By streamlining their social media presence, the Force can ensure that they are efficiently and effectively delivering high levels of public engagement at scale, right across the social journey. What's more, they can provide the right information to the public, at the right time, and ensure the 'Voice of the Citizen' is clearly heard, no matter what channel they're using. 



What makes us unique?

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The one and only

One platform for all your digital conversations, providing a centralised Inbox for all your call centre agents to work from.

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In their world

Citizens can easily report crimes through the channels they use everyday with Social, WhatsApp, SMS and Live Chat.

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Nothing but the truth

Full audit trail for complete data governance, plus Tamper Check, ensuring conversations are admissible in court.

Don't just take our word for it...


Orlo is key to our strategy – not only does it help staff allocate messages to the right teams or Police officers, but it also offers an audit trail, so we can monitor what content is going out and when, as well as, control which staff members have access to which accounts.

David Bailey - Social Media Project Lead for the National Police Chiefs Council - Digital Policing Portfolio

Staying mobile

In our connected world, smartphones are used by the majority of the population, which is why Orlo supports the channels citizens use everyday. Ensure crimes can be reported everywhere by everyone, reducing the number of inbound phone calls. What’s more, your officers can keep track of those incoming reports, respond quickly and schedule their own updates, all on the go through their mobile phones.

Content is king

From informing the public of the latest guidance to raising awareness of a missing person, ensure you’re reaching and engaging your audience consistently by using the Content Calendar to schedule digital campaigns. Orlo’s Analytics enable you to easily understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t, with the reports easily shared internally and externally too.

A one-stop shop

Whether messages are coming in through Social, WhatsApp, SMS or Live Chat, your team can work collaboratively to manage interactions using a centralised Orlo Inbox. Have peace of mind that posts going out are in line with the Force’s tone of voice by using ‘post validation’, so no message goes live without being checked. And whether your agents are multiskilled or focus on just one channel, you can filter messages to suit you, saving agents time and reducing response times too.

Keep your ear to the ground

With Orlo’s social listening capabilities you can set up real-time monitoring streams that enable you to keep track of social conversations, so you have situational awareness and can react to crises and incidents as they emerge. Get involved in the interactions that matter most directly from the inbox, stopping the situation from escalating and preventing the spread of misinformation. Conversations will be admissible in court too, thanks to Orlo’s unique Tamper Check tool.

Talkin' about an integration

We're able to interact with a range of CRM systems, which enables Forces to elevate social media insights by combining them with the rich data held within their existing CRM. We're also a Microsoft Premium Partner, enabling us to provide a deep integration with Dynamics 365.