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Orlo for Local Government

One platform to manage citizen interactions and experience



Serving the community...


Bring together your citizen community by scheduling and pushing out announcements, events and communications across the digital channels they use.


Keep your ears to the ground within your citizen community and identify pain points and successes using next-generation Social Listening.

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Transform your inbound and outbound omnichannel communications to increase customer service availability, speed up resolution time and build reputation.

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Keep crisis at bay

From potholes caused by wintry weather, to missed bin collections due to striking workers, you never know what's coming next! When crisis strikes, be safe in the knowledge that, you can take charge and steer the ship through the storm. Whether you want to pause all scheduled marketing posts, turn on approvals for every outgoing message or go into complete lockdown, you can do it all at the click of a button, so you can focus on what matters - keeping citizens in the know. 


Take control of your comms
Cross-team collaboration

Collaborate across teams

Bring your community spirit inside your organisation and allow your customer service and comms teams to work together seamlessly. With Orlo, collaboration is made simple with the ability to quickly add notes to citizen profiles, assign or forward messages to colleagues and ask for validation before a post is sent. Be the community you want to create!

Listen, understand, act 

With many services going digital, engaging with the public can be a challenge. Whether citizens are tagging your organisation in their posts or talking about you without a direct mention, use Orlo’s next generation Listening tool to identify important conversations, highlight pain points and detect the trends in your community. Filter out the noise and monitor the emotion and sentiment of your citizens, so you can offer support to those who aren’t reaching you through traditional channels.


Listen, act, understand
Home 2. Dynamics 365

Single view of your citizens

We're able to interact with a range of systems, enabling your organisation to combine social media insights with the rich data held within your CRM. Get a single view of your citizens and manage their case from start to finish by tracking their journey from the first interaction, right through to closing their case and beyond. As a Microsoft Premium Tier Partner, Orlo provides a deep and seamless integration with Dynamics 365 and Power BI too! 

Orlo has given us valuable insight into when we are most likely to gain the best interactions by showing us the most optimum day and time to post. Orlo has made a massive difference to how we approach our social media and we hope to see our channel traffic increase further through the use of the system.


Let us show you the magic...


Want to find out what the Orlo platform can do for your local government organisation? 

If you'd like to see how Orlo can help you to drive community engagement, make public announcements and manage crises across social channels for yourself, fill out the form and get in touch with one of our experts for a tailored demonstration!