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Using social to serve the community 

Delivering on the priorities of the local community is what every council strives for. Orlo helps Local Government organisations to establish better connections, build trust with residents and get a real understanding of ‘the voice of the citizen’.



Increase citizen engagement
Harness the power of social to increase impressions, see reach rise and get the right information to the right people on the right channels.


Manage Council Reputation
Pair social listening with powerful analytics to understand ‘the voice of the citizen’ and make data-driven improvements.


Handle interactions efficiently  
Turn your social accounts into responsive customer service channels to manage inbound interactions and deflect demand.


Insta Analytics

Supercharge citizen engagement 

Getting the right information to the right people on the right channels is key to citizen engagement. Use smarter campaign management and social scheduling to spread information far and wide, and see impressions, reach and engagement soar!

Instagram analytics and engagement calendar
Positive feelings are on-trend - Local Gov

Give your reputation a boost 

Building trust with your local community is no easy feat. Use in depth analytics to track public sentiment, listen to the voice of the citizen and understand community needs, so you can make data-driven improvements that’ll give your reputation a boost.

Empower your customers . Chatbot

Drive efficient service interactions

Responding to countless bin collection questions, pothole reports and council tax enquiries leaves your team stretched. Pair your team with our tech and allow our chatbot to take off some of the load. Deflect demand, improve efficiency, reduce cost to serve and keep your citizens satisfied.

Empower your customers . Chatbot
Data driven futures - Analytics

Use data to power-up your strategy

With your social customer service and comms interactions all in one platform, you can use Orlo’s powerful analytics tool to monitor customer service SLAs, measure campaign performance and prove social ROI, all in a few clicks!

Orlo has given us valuable insight into when we are most likely to gain the best interactions by showing us the most optimum day and time to post. Orlo has made a massive difference to how we approach our social media and we hope to see our channel traffic increase further through the use of the system.


Think we might be the one that you want?

If you’re hopelessly devoted  to delivering a great citizen experience through digital channels too, then we’re sure we’d go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. So, what are you waiting for? Fill in the form and and let us know we’re the one that you want!