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Orlo for Leisure & Hospitality

Serving up seamless customer experience on social



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Improve guest experience, guarantee return visits and increase secondary spend by delivering consistent and efficient customer service through one unified platform.


Create content, schedule updates, announcements and marketing activity across channels using content creation and planning tools, and build awareness for your business.


Drive up NPS scores and reduce operational in-house expenditure using one platform by managing, tracking, and assigning  your inbound and outbound communications

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Content Creation - Scheduling

Your brand in their hands

The power of branding should not be underestimated, which is why brand consistency on digital channels is an absolute must! Fill your Orlo content library with approved assets for use across channels, so you can let go of the reins and put your brand in the hands of your frontline teams. Still want to keep an eye on outgoing posts? No problem! Just turn on Post Approvals to give each post the once over before it goes out. And if you ever need to press pause on scheduled activity you can with our Company Lockdown feature. 


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Collaborate across teams - Orlo Eats

A well oiled machine

With thousands, if not millions of visitors per year, ensuring you can effectively manage inbound enquiries is essential. So, open up your social accounts to customer service requests and be there on the channels your customers choose. You can enable automated Triggers too, reducing manual processes and ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time. By being alerted to important messages, you’ll not only improve efficiency, helping you hit those all important SLAs, but you’ll also have the chance to save at risk customers and improve secondary spend, all while giving your NPS a boost - bonus!

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That's what gets results

With Orlo’s Website Analytics you can join the dots between social clicks and traffic on your site, to understand what content encourages enquiries, drives bookings and prevents cancellations. With this data - and the additional insight you’ll get from our Performance Analytics solution - you can tweak your social strategy accordingly to improve the overall customer experience and provide an effortless journey end-to-end. Drive inbound enquiries down and customer satisfaction up to encourage guests to visit again and again and again.


Take a deep dive - Header
Positive feelings are on-trend - Orlo Eats

Keep an ear to the ground

Whether customers are tagging your brand in their posts or talking about you without a direct mention, use Orlo’s Social Listening tool to identify those conversations and respond appropriately. You can keep an eye on over 2 million data sources with our Media Monitoring solution, powered by LexisNexis, and filter out the noise to monitor what matters most to you. Shout about the fab feedback your brand receives and manage the impact of any less complimentary posts - you never know, you could stop a crisis in its tracks!

Analysing online performance has never been easier as Orlo tracks which posts, with what content and at which times are encouraging the highest click-through rate to achieve business objectives which is one of our main aims.

Want to connect with your customers using Orlo?

If you're interested in bringing your business and your customers closer together with the Orlo platform, let us show you the magic! Request a demo now with one of our experts, discover what features we can unlock to help you smash your customer service metrics, and fulfil your potential to deliver seamless customer experiences through a variety of digital channels.