Orlo for Fire & Rescue Services

One platform to manage and maintain community ties


Sparking community engagement...

From keeping the public informed about incidents in their area, recruiting new talent to the squad and providing potentially life-saving information, there are plenty of reasons why social media is such a powerful tool for Fire & Rescue Services. Like other emergency services, Fire & Rescue teams are realising the potential of digital channels, utilising creative ways to raise their profile, engage their communities and change public perceptions - and with Orlo it’s made even easier!



What makes us unique?


Maintain community ties

Inform, reassure and engage with members of your community to raise your profile and maintain a positive perception from the public.


More bang for your buck

Sure our platform is full of features, supports over 300 brands and manages millions of conversations, but it’s affordable too - hello ROI!

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Nothing but the truth

Full audit trail for complete data governance, with time and date stamps, so you know what was done, when and by whom.

Don't just take our word for it...


Orlo has helped us to understand where we are being most effective. Seeing all our data in one place helps us to make the most of our content across all of our channels.

Pete Richardson | Digital Manager | London Fire Brigade

Breaking news
just in...

Whether dealing with a bonfire that’s out of control or attending a road traffic accident, informing your community of incidents in their area is vital for effective crisis management. With Orlo, you can share news in real-time, keeping your community in the know. And if disaster strikes, pause all scheduled messages at the click of a button and focus on being there for the public on the digital channels they choose. You can answer incoming questions, keep citizens updated on developments and reassure them you're still available to lend a hand, all from one platform - simple!

Education, education, education

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and when it comes to fire safety, there’s no exception. Social channels provide the perfect platform to share information around fire prevention, what to do in an emergency and other public service campaigns - and there’s no need to burn the candle at both ends to get the job done! Publish posts in the moment or use the Content Calendar to schedule in advance to ensure you’re educating the public consistently. You can even post content created by your audience or other local authority organisations too, by sharing straight from your social listening streams.

Be the talk of
the town

With local communities becoming less tightly knit, it’s not always easy to build a relationship with the people your Fire & Rescue team serves. And with the shift from traditional media, in the form of physical newspapers, to a range of digital channels, the key to building rapport and engaging with your audience is by moving online. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another digital platform, Orlo enables you to chat with the locals, share good news stories and raise your brigade’s profile in the area. With good community ties and a positive perception from the public, you could even attract new and diverse talent into the ranks too!

No need for risky

As one of the services the public depend on in times of crisis, having an online presence comes with an added level of responsibility for Fire & Rescue services. Designed with the Blue Light sector in mind, the Orlo platform has features that enable complete data governance, so you can rest assured that your digital conversations are always up to standard. Fears of ‘off-brand’ posts, breaking regulations and confidentiality breaches can be eliminated with user-by-user access permissions, post-approvals and a full audit trail complete with time and date stamps, so you know what was done, when and by whom.