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As a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you have a huge and varied audience to interact with every single day! In order for your brand to make the positive difference it’s striving for, engaging with as many individuals as possible really is key. But with so many different people to attract, inform and connect with, your digital engagement strategy has to be absolutely top notch! On top of that, a growing following brings with it an increase in inbound messages to handle, so with sponsorship enquiries, donation questions and requests for help coming out of your ears, how can you prioritise and respond to all of your interactions?

Well, there are tools out there that not only make your life easier, but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media activity - like Orlo! Our platform enables you and your team to reach your audience across a multitude of digital channels, providing responses to inbound interactions in real-time, with clever automation speeding up the process too! And with a suite of powerful reports available at the click of a button, you can get a handle on how you’re performing in the moment, ensuring you’re always delivering the best experience possible. All that, plus a full audit trail for complete data governance, the ability to collaborate within the platform and so much more - what’s not to love?!



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Let's get digital

Reduce both time and cost to serve by shifting away from traditional contact channels and into the digital age


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Analyse, learn from and improve your social activity to drive donations and encourage sponsorships


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Deliver the best possible experience across your digital channels for improved satisfaction and loyalty

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The launch of Shelter’s new brand identity was an opportunity to shine a light on the housing emergency, and show the country how it has escalated to staggering levels. We knew launch week would bring us a lot of attention, and we wanted to make sure that whether people hadbeen following us for ages or were new to our channels, they’d have the best experience possible. Orlo helped us ensure that teams all over the charity work could work together to make a big impact.

Becky Brynolf | Social Media Lead

Be there when it matters

With thousands, if not millions of inbound contacts every year, ensuring you can effectively handle enquiries, respond to questions and be there for those that need you is essential. By utilising Orlo’s Triggers you’ll have clever automation on your side, reducing manual processes, removing the chance of human error and ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time. By being alerted to important messages, you’ll not only improve efficiency, helping you hit those all important SLAs, but you’ll also have the chance to resolve customer issues in the moment, ensuring you leave them satisfied - what a bonus!

Content is king

From informing followers of upcoming fundraising events to raising awareness of topics in your subject area, ensure you’re engaging your audience consistently by using the Content Calendar to schedule campaigns. Build credibility and become a trusted source of information by pulling posts from the RSS feeds of recognised organisations in your sector, providing your audience with timely and factual updates! You can even share content generated by your followers from the inbox too, so you can amplify the positive work shared on social by fundraisers, volunteers and brand advocates alike. 

Keep an ear to the ground

Whether your organisation is tagged in a post or spoken about without a direct mention, use Orlo’s Social Listening tool to help identify posts that mention you and get involved in the hot topic conversations that are important to your organisation! You can keep an eye on a whopping 2 million plus data sources with our Media Monitoring solution, powered by LexisNexis, and filter out the noise to monitor what matters most to you. Protect your reputation too, by managing the impact of any negative posts right from the inbox - you never know, you might stop a Twitter storm in its tracks! 

That’s what gets results

With a suite of fully customisable reports, our powerful Performance Analytics solution gives you a holistic view of how you're doing in an instant. Monitor the metrics that matter in real-time to understand the impact your marketing and customer service efforts are having right now, compared to month on month and year on year. And with Orlo’s Website Analytics you can join the dots between social clicks and traffic on your site to see what content is driving donations, enabling you to effortlessly attribute ROI to your digital initiatives - piece of cake!