WhatsApp & SMS

Social is evolving

Private messaging has gained momentum. Hundreds of thousands of texts are sent every second and over 1.5 billion people around the world are WhatsApp users. That's why we've made talking to your customers on the channel of their choice easier. The Orlo platform enables you to serve your customers through WhatsApp and SMS, all from one inbox. Delivered in real-time, all your private messages sit alongside your other digital conversations.

Everywhere with everyone

Reduce customer effort and cost to serve


All together now

Save your agents time with a unified view of your digital customer service channels, all in one place. There’s no need for additional systems or complex further training, so your employees will be up to speed in no time.


Easy like Sunday morning

Make getting in touch with your brand as simple and convenient as possible. WhatsApp and SMS are part of everyday life, so ensure your brand sits alongside all of your customer’s favourite contacts on the channel of their choice.


More bang for your buck

Digital channels like WhatsApp and SMS are more cost-effective than traditional channels - like the good old fashioned telephone. See your cost to serve go down and your ROI shoot up!