Website Analytics

Know your worth

Use Orlo's customisable, unlimited reports to illuminate which Marketing strategies are resonating and why. Trace website traffic, form completions and ecommerce sales right back to specific campaigns so you can do more of what works.

First impressions count

Drive them to your site, and track what happens when they get there


Paying a social visit?

Use our simple reports to understand how much of your website traffic is driven, either directly or indirectly by your social activity.


Hitting the mark?

Attracting traffic to your site is only half the battle, dig a spade deeper and understand who your visitors are, whether they've visited you before and most importantly whether they've converted.


Show me the money

Keep an eye on your key revenue indicators and celebrate the power of your social strategy. Track the total revenue generated from social visitors, the average spend per social visitor and how that's trending month on month. 


Analysing online performance has never been easier as Orlo tracks which posts, with which content and at which time are encouraging the highest click-through rate to achieve business objectives, which is one of our main aims.

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