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Unified Inbox

The one and only

The Orlo Inbox provides a single customer service platform to manage Social Media, WhatsApp, SMS and Live Chat conversations. There’s no need to switch between platforms to handle different channels, you can quickly see which messages need action and filter your view to show the messages that are important to you. With a tool that empowers them to work efficiently, your team can focus on what matters - delivering a truly great customer experience.

Everything in one place

Life just got easier


It's as simple as that!

Similar in style to your email inbox, your team can get up to speed in just one hour. And with only one system to learn, there’s no further training required when you add new channels - bonus! 


A helping hand

Collaboration is made simple with the ability to quickly add notes against customers or posts, assign or forward messages to colleagues and ask for validation before posts get sent - it’s easy peasy! 


All together now

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a unified, cross-channel approach. Not only can you automate processes across accounts, but monitor performance analytics holistically too - isn’t that neat!


Orlo allows social media tasks to be performed quicker via the added aspect of control over social accounts…as well as a dramatic decrease in reply response times that have greatly decreased due to the unified inbox facility.

Gareth Kirby - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue