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Every second counts

Triggers are a handy little tool for managing your inbound social messages. Think of them as recipes for the Orlo Platform to follow if certain criteria are met - whether a message gets pushed to a certain agent or team, an internal note is added to the message or the message is tagged so it’s clearly identifiable. The possibilities are endless.  

Recipe for success

Automate your processes and improve C-Sat


Be in the know

Create the perfect recipe for automation based on the sentiment, trigger words and tags which matter to your organisation and apply them to individual messages or entire conversations.


Always on call

Triggers let you switch off but still keep your eye on the ball when it’s out of normal working hours. React and respond in the moment to avoid a crisis or to share the good news. Never miss a trick.


Right people, right time

Reduce the need for manual processes and improve efficiency with your tailored triggers. Making sure important messages land in front of the right team member, when it matters.