Tamper Check

The truth, the whole truth

Originally designed with Police Forces in mind, our Tamper Check feature enables you to securely export and save key conversations that take place on your digital channels. So whether you need records for your own audit trails, customer complaint processes or even legal cases, you can rest assured you’ve got the facts of the matter right at your fingertips.

Nothing but the truth


Easy as A B C

With one platform to manage your digital conversations, all of your inbound and outbound messages are available in one unified inbox - no matter where they take place. So whether the exchange happens on Facebook, Twitter or another digital channel, you can easily export it using Tamper Check encryption, all at the click of a button.


Safe as houses

Ensure your classified conversations stay in the right hands with password protection from the get go. Once your selected conversation is exported with Tamper Check, you’ll have the exact messages that were exchanged, complete with timestamps, social handles and author names, all bundled up in a handy little password protected CSV file.


Get your facts right

Want to see whether the original poster is trying to cover their tracks? Well, with a unique ID associated with each exported message, you’ll be able to check back at any time to see whether a post has been changed or deleted. Not only can this prove foul play, but it can even be used as legal evidence that is admissible in court!