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Push Mode for Social

Make your life easier

Sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your incoming messages are being dealt with. Push Mode for Social enables you and your customer service team to seamlessly manage the flow of inbound social media messages, at scale. Pushing incoming conversations to agents who have the capacity to deal with them as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

Streamline your processes

Respond to inbound messages more efficiently


Level the playing field

We’re all guilty of it; cherry-picking the best or simplest tasks for our own. Eliminate this completely with Push Mode for Social by automatically directing incoming conversations to any agent who has the free capacity to deal with them.


Cut out the middleman

Remove the need for a triage role to dish out incoming conversations to agents. Free up valuable time and resources to provide a better all-round customer service experience for your customers - an extra pair of hands is always useful!


Give your full attention

Keep things under control by setting the maximum number of conversations a single agent can handle at any given time. Not only does this nifty little feature prevent agents’ attention from being spread too thinly, but it also ensures that your agents don’t get overwhelmed by hundreds of conversations at once.