Live Chat

Just a click away

Be there for your customers at those ‘moments of truth’ during their digital journey. With Orlo’s Live Chat your customers are able to talk to you instantly, without disrupting their journey. Whether you’re providing product support, managing a sales enquiry or dealing with a customer service case, you can deliver a personalised experience effortlessly.

Connect in real-time

Be there at the moments that matter


Together, together, together everyone!

Working together is made simple with the ability to quickly add notes against chats for context, assign or forward messages to colleagues and escalate cases to managers.


A picture paints a thousand words

Sometimes when you’re supporting customers, words just aren’t enough. That’s why you can send and receive multiple file types using Orlo’s live chat! 


Keep schtum, we’re undercover!

With the ability to fully customise our Live Chat widget’s look and feel, you can match the tool to your website, so it fits in seamlessly. We’ll be like two peas in a pod! 


Orlo’s digital engagement platform is agile and fast-moving technology that effortlessly copes with our rapidly changing requirements. The efficiencies that Orlo’s platform has brought with it has enabled our customer service team to offer a higher level of service and our customers are seeing quicker response times.

Ian Pattle - General Manager for Customer Service & Strategy - Ocado