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CRM Integration

Talkin' bout an integration

When you don’t have enough fingers to count the different systems you're using to store data, achieving a single customer view can feel impossible. That’s why Orlo can interact with a range of CRM systems, enabling you to elevate social media insights by combining them with the rich data held within your existing CRM. 

We're better together

Remove data silos and improve insight and efficiency


Say goodbye to switching

Quickly get a view of all the key customer information from across the business, without switching screens. Empower employees to provide the best customer experience possible by ensuring they have all the context they need.


Sharing is caring

By combining all of your customer data in one system and creating a single, unified customer view, you can remove siloed data and ensure all agents are working from the same customer record - isn’t that neat!


Microsoft Dynamics 365

We're a Microsoft Premium Partner, enabling us to provide a deep integration with Dynamics 365. But it doesn’t end there - take your insight a spade deeper and visualise your enriched social data using Microsoft’s Power BI tool.


Orlo has helped us start bringing our social customer service vision to life. We have bold plans for the future and believe that we have found a platform that will keep up with our rate of change and that of our audience. We are no longer just “managing” our social activity, but building deep and meaningful relationships with our customers.

Jarrod Williams - Bromford Housing Group