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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis - Activity

Feeling competitive?

Orlo’s powerful Competitor Analysis tool allows you to get to grips with what’s happening within your sector on social, at a glance. View top hashtags and compare audience growth over time, to better understand your presence on social, compared with your competition.

Competitor Analysis - Activity

Set the bar

Take a peek ‘over the garden fence’ at what your competitors are getting up to on their social media channels and benchmark your brand’s performance against them with this targeted reporting tool. Get to grips with your sector’s best practices and get an understanding of what works or misses the mark on social. Let Orlo do the leg work, so you don’t have to.


Step one step ahead

Put the insights you gain to good use to help you devise a more informed strategy for your social media content and campaigns - give the people what they want when they want it. Review and adapt your content to suit what is going on in the here and now, allowing you to be proactive as well as reactive, and always one step ahead of the competition.


Knowledge is power

Create custom reports that are easy to digest and can be viewed and shared with your wider team at the click of a button. Easily study your results at a glance or do a deeper dive into what’s working best for you on social and creating the most buzz. Reassure and feedback to ‘the powers that be’ about what your competitors are getting up to on social and what you’re doing to counter.


One tool to rule them all

Tired of flitting between programmes to help inform your comms strategy? Find all the information you need - in one place within Orlo. From drafting your posts to publishing - see that process through from beginning to end with the Competitor Analysis tool. Understand what lands well with your audience or just misses the mark compared to your competitors. Orlo gives you the power to review and adapt to the changing moods and expectations of your audience.

Want to connect with your customers using Orlo?

If you're interested in bringing your business and your customers closer together with the Orlo platform, let us show you the magic! Request a demo now with one of our experts, discover what features we can unlock to help you smash your customer service metrics, and fulfil your potential to deliver seamless customer experiences through a variety of digital channels.