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Empower your customers . Chatbot

Social is evolving

Private messaging has gained momentum. Hundreds of thousands of texts are sent every second and over 2 billion people around the world are WhatsApp users. That's why we've made talking to your customers on the channel of their choice easier. The Orlo platform enables you to serve your customers through WhatsApp and SMS, all from one inbox. Delivered in real-time, all your private messages sit alongside your other digital conversations.

Empower your customers . Chatbot

Be there in the moment

Whether they’re placing an order, looking for information or simply logging into an account, there are many touchpoints in their digital journey where your customers may encounter a problem - with our fully customisable Chatbot widget, you can be just a click away! And with all of your Chatbot conversations coming into your Orlo Inbox too, you still need just one platform to manage your reputation and improve customer experience.


Powered by AI

No need for pricey data scientists here! Our Chatbot can make use of your existing help articles, knowledge bases or even just a few FAQs to get you set up in minutes, rather than months. But that’s not all - the bot’s a right smarty pants and is constantly learning too, using insight from each interaction to identify gaps, so you can make real-time updates to optimise performance and ensure customers are being served the right information to solve their query. 

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Empower your customers

Gone are the days of leaving your customers hanging in their moments of need. With our intelligent Chatbot on hand to support them, your customers are empowered to self-serve around the clock - and your team won’t even need to lift a finger! Deflect enquiries, bring resolution times down and send customer satisfaction soaring, all while freeing up your agents to handle the interactions coming in through other channels - sounds like a win, win. 

By your side every step of the way

Tech meets team

When faced with a customer it just can’t  help, our Chatbot will hand over to your team instead. With full visibility of the chat between customer and bot, your experts will be instantly armed with all the information they need to pick up right where Chatbot left off. With no need for repetitive conversations, you can jump right in with specialist knowledge, add that human touch and deliver a truly seamless customer experience! 

Want to connect with your customers using Orlo?

If you're interested in bringing your business and your customers closer together with the Orlo platform, let us show you the magic! Request a demo now with one of our experts, discover what features we can unlock to help you smash your customer service metrics, and fulfil your potential to deliver seamless customer experiences through a variety of digital channels.