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The truth, the whole truth

Originally designed with Police Forces in mind, Orlo’s suite of Auditing features enables you to see the end-to-end history of your social activities - from inbound and outbound conversations, to post journeys all the way from creation to execution and resolution. So, whether you need to keep a record for your own audit trails, a customer complaint or even legal cases, Orlo has all the info at your fingertips.

Nothing but the truth


Easy as A B C

With one platform to manage your reputation and improve customer experience, all of your inbound and outbound messages are available in one Unified Inbox. So where ever the exchange happens, you can easily export it using Tamper Check encryption, all at the click of a button.


Get your facts right

Want to see whether the original poster is trying to cover their tracks? Well, with a unique ID associated with each exported message, you’ll be able to check back at any time to see if a post has been changed or deleted. Not only can this prove foul play, but can even be used as legal evidence that’s admissible in court!


From the get-go

Auditing within Orlo lets you track what actions have taken place on an inbound message in the Inbox, as well as your outbound published posts in the Outbox. See the full history of a post and pinpoint every milestone of its journey for that full 360° view. Whether you’re looking for sentiment changes, post notes or simply who has taken a look - it’s all there in just a click.! 


It's the journey, not the destination

You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Whether you’re looking back over your most successful interactions - or those that haven’t always resulted in the best outcomes - let Auditing map the journey from beginning to end, to really understand whether your internal processes ticked all the boxes and where you might have missed the mark.