Remote brand management: How Britvic approach brand advocacy & engagement


Remote brand management:

Britvic share how to holistically approach brand advocacy & engagement from home


Tuesday 18th May | 12 pm

Even before the impact of the global pandemic, remote working was becoming an ever more popular choice for employers and employees alike - with technology enabling many more people to work from home efficiently and effectively. 

As a company with teams spread across the globe, Britvic’s Online Listening & Engagement Manager - Siobhan Cater will share her experience of managing over 35 brands and the role that social media has to play in Britvic's approach to brand advocacy and engagement online.

We’ll also hear from Orlo’s Head of Product, Hardeep Johal who will be sharing how the Orlo platform can help organisations with distributed teams thrive on social, and a look ahead to what innovations are to come.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Practical tips and advice on how to approach brand management remotely - from lessons learnt to pitfalls to avoid
  • The vital role that Social Media Management plays in engaging with Britvic’s community
  • A showcase of key features within the Orlo platform that enable remote teams to maintain control,  work collaboratively, have clear audit trails across their social channels and reap the benefits of Social Listening to react quickly to evolving situations

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Meet the Speakers

Siobhan photo

Siobhan Cater - Online Listening & Engagement Manager, Britvic

Siobhan is responsible for managing the social listening program at Britvic of both internal and external platforms, to better understand what is being said to, and about the brand.  Involved in tracking what consumers are saying, their competitors and topics of interests which help inform the wider business and support decision making.


Hardeep Johal - Head of Product, Orlo

Hardeep Johal is Orlo’s Product Manager and has 15 years of experience in software development and product management, from creating and executing strategic product roadmaps and overseeing product integrations, to due diligence and product acquisitions.


Steve Hurst - Editorial Director, Engage Business Media

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting.