A social business...

Not just a business
that uses social media



% increase in engaged users YoY


% increase in conversations YoY


% decrease in resolution time YoY


A dentist, a shoemaker and a plumber walk into a pub… what do you get? Founded over 150 years ago, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) now has a presence in over 240 towns and cities across the UK. From these very humble beginnings, YBS looked to adopt a more digital approach, turning to social media to become more agile, efficient and effective in serving its customers.

YBS’ main goals on social media are to achieve awareness and consideration, alongside the secondary aim of driving landing page views and ultimately sales. Initially, social media was seen as a tool for the Marketing & Comms teams however as their capabilities on social have grown, with the help of Orlo, social is now touching many other areas of the business - from Customer Services to Risk and Operations. 

Since bringing the Orlo Platform onboard to streamline their digital conversations, YBS has seen an increase in engagement and customer service messages. The platform’s flexibility and easy set-up allows teams to have access to the channels and brands which they need, with workflows ensuring messages are dealt with correctly. And, as part of the highly regulated financial sector, YBS gained the peace of mind that comes with using the secure and fully auditable platform, backed up by Orlo’s UK based servers.


Orlo is at the heart of our Social Media strategy, providing the functionality to publish & analyse content, monitor mentions and engage with customers in one place. This holistic view helps us meet our regulatory responsibilities and maintain control by ensuring that a diverse range of colleagues can work on the parts of our Social Media portfolio that are relevant to their role. Orlo’s commitment to customer support and product development means the platform is continually evolving to meet our needs in the fast-moving world of Social Media.

Richard Bassinder, Social Media Manager