A brighter time for reach and engagement



% increase in Facebook reach YoY


% increase in Facebook comments YoY


% increased in Facebook shares YoY


In a fiercely competitive market and with evolving customer trends, Haven implemented fresh tools and strategies to help elevate their online presence, to create award-winning customer experiences.

Haven set about using social media to challenge the misconceptions around caravan park holidays, with the overall aim of gaining new audiences and opening up new experiences to already loyal guests.

Focusing on their social content and tone of voice, Haven used their social media channels to promote meaningful conversations with their current and potential guests in a less corporate way, by encouraging user-generated content and creating fun communities for their audience to get involved with.

Orlo’s ability to allow GIF and video content to be scheduled, as well as the ability for Haven’s social media team to track interactions using hashtags and in-depth analytics, have proved essential - positioning Haven as a truly customer-centric organisation.


We needed to save time to create even better content to share and Orlo offered us the chance to visualise a content calendar, making scheduling more straightforward and visible in one platform. Tracking interactions with our customers, such as with hashtag competitions, is also very important to our new strategy, which Orlo’s analytics allow us to do.

Liam Andrew, Social Media Content Executive