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Manage increased inbound demand by empowering customers to self-serve 24/7


When faced with a significant increase in inbound demand as a result of a cyber incident, Bromford was forced to re-evaluate its crisis comms strategy. Led by the housing association’s three key principles for communicating with customers - regular, honest and transparent communication - the team turned to Orlo to help ensure customers were reassured and informed. 


Chatbot deflection rate  


Saved for every £1 spent on Chatbot


Chatbot savings annually

24 hours

To implement Live Chat

48 hours

To train the Bromford team


The organisation

A customer since 2015, Bromford Housing has been successfully using Orlo to transform its social media strategy, opening up social as a customer service and communications channel. As a result, the organisation has built a strong, two-way relationship with its customers across 45,000 homes in central and south west England, seeing 199% growth in followers and a 130% increase in social reach.


The challenge

When faced with a crisis, a huge surge in demand and - as a result - an extremely stretched customer service team, the organisation was forced to make the tough decision to pause its usual strategy and look for alternative ways to deliver excellent customer service and effective comms.


The solution

In need of advice on how to effectively handle this sudden increase in inbound interactions, the team turned to their expert Customer Success Manager at Orlo! The suggested solution? Taking advantage of Orlo’s Live Chat and Chatbot capabilities to bolster Bromford’s existing service offering, open up an additional contact channel and harness the power of AI to deflect incoming interactions.


The results

After successfully implementing Live Chat, enabling agents to handle customer enquiries in real-time, the decision to introduce Chatbot was quickly made. Following a same-day rollout, Bromford saw over a quarter of customer enquiries resolved without the need for an agent - increasing efficiency, saving time and reducing costs by over £330,000 annually. 

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.

Jasmine Dudgon | Communications Specialist


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