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growth in followers since Jan 2019


% engagement rate - up from 4.6 YoY


increase in average web traffic from social YoY

Students from over 120 countries choose to study at Aston University, which offers a safe, friendly and multicultural community, in the heart of Birmingham - now that's a diverse audience to cater for!

Since embracing social media back in 2007, it's grown to become the frontline of communication with students and an outlet that enables them to showcase how amazing the Aston University experience is to the wider public. But it's a two-way conversation - the aim is create an online community where students can find information and feel comfortable asking questions.

To be able to do this effectively, the University's central accounts are managed by their Digital Content Coordinator, with specific school and college accounts managed on an individual basis. This approach means that a tool that allows them to work collaboratively is vital - with a full 360-view of what each team is posting. 

The Orlo platform has helped Aston University achieve a consistent posting schedule, across their social media channels which has led to a boost in engagement, followers and reach. The team has managed to strike that much sought-after balance between having fun on social whilst maintaining a strong, information led profile which puts students, staff and community first.


Our requirements included increasing engagement, demonstrating ROI and quickly producing accurate and detailed reports for all our social media accounts. The Orlo platform has delivered this, but also facilitated a way to meet multiple-stakeholder needs while ways being informed by data.

Helen Fulton, Digital Content Coordinator