Shelter partners with Orlo to unite their Digital Customer Service and Marketing Strategy

 06 January 2021

Orlo, the UK’s leading digital engagement platform is proud to announce that Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity is the latest not for profit organisation to invest in their platform.

Driven by a sharp rise in social and digital enquiries, Shelter joins a number of national charities that have chosen Orlo to align its community management efforts with one platform to manage its digital conversations. By consolidating tools, uniting its Marketing and Customer Service Teams and analysing engagement in real-time, Shelter aims to learn what works, identify where it can make improvements and ultimately drive positive change through its digital and social engagement efforts.

Shelter plans to use Orlo’s unique content calendar and generator tool to ensure its marketing efforts are engaging in the right way, at the right time, whilst using the Triggers tool to monitor inbound messages to ensure it's there to help the community when it's needed most.

“We’re delighted that Shelter has chosen to partner with Orlo to harness the power of digital engagement for such an important cause and we’re very proud to now count them as part of the Orlo ‘Herd’, said Phil Evans, Managing Director of Orlo.

“Shelter's social media team saw a clear need to consolidate our use of multiple tools into one, connecting our community management, analytics, and marketing functions”, said Becky Brynolf, Social Media Lead at Shelter. “Orlo's capacity for automation not only helps address the hidden cost of ineffectual activity - switching between tools, manual execution of tasks, marrying up data from different platforms - but it will lead to us delivering our strategic goals in 2021 and beyond.”

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