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Mini-guide: How
social media brings communities together


We're all in this together... 🤝

One of the biggest positives of social media has to be its ability to bring people together. Whether you’re directly messaging a brand on Twitter, commenting on your friends latest Insta post or sharing your own life update on Facebook, being able to stay in touch with individuals and organisations all around the world, no matter where you are, is truly amazing. 

No matter what sector your company sits in, it’s likely you can name an organisation from your industry that uses the collective power of their online audience to make a positive impact. With so many examples out there of amazing feats that have been achieved by some big name brands, we wanted to look a little closer to home. In this mini-guide, we’re sharing some of the best stories from the Orlo community to give you some inspiration for how you can bring your customers together too! Grab your guide now ➡️

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