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Mini-guide: Self-care
& Social Media


Handle with care... ❤️

With people forced to spend time alone as a result of the pandemic and struggling emotionally as a result, it’s no wonder that over the last year the number of active social media users has increased by more than 13% to 4.2 billion! But with social presence comes social pressure - and the professionals who use these platforms each and every day are feeling it too!

So, what steps can we take to protect our mental wellbeing - not just during the pandemic, but beyond? Inspired by our conversation with Dr Alex George, TV and A&E Doctor and Youth Mental Health Ambassador, during our recent virtual event, ‘The Power of Social for Good’, we’ve put together some top tips for comms, marketing and customer service professionals who are on the social media front line around how to stay well. Get your guide now ➡️

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