Managing social media in the face of adversity

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Watch as Orlo and Reading Borough Council bring you a real-world case study of how the team at Reading have managed their social media presence in the face of adversity. Originally recorded as part of the Engage CX Marketing Summit 2020, Reading Borough Council reflect back on the past six months of the pandemic and how it is important to celebrate the highs, whilst still communicating the key information your audience needs to hear.


  • Best practice case studies from Reading Borough Council
  • How Victoria and her team sprang into action when Reading became international news for all the worst reasons
  • The advantages of having a connected and streamlined social media management strategy when dealing with an unfolding crisis
  • The ever-growing use of social media as a customer service channel


Victoria Nickless - Media & Communications Manager, Reading Borough Council

Jack Fox - Business Development Manager, Orlo

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