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Orlo Insights!

With customer interactions flooding in through countless digital channels, extracting actionable insight from reams of data has felt almost impossible - until now. The next generation of social listening has arrived!


It's time to turn insight into action

Orlo Insights - Review Trackers

Struggling to deliver a great experience?

Looking to take your customer experience from good to great? Whether you’re tagged in a post or spoken about without a direct mention, be alerted to conversations about your brand across social, blogs, forums, reviews sites and more, so you never miss an opportunity to save a bad customer experience or make a good one even greater!


Missing out on emerging trends?

Ready to tackle your problems head on? Let Trend Detection alert you to the situations that need your attention as they emerge. Pinpoint the problem at hand and understand just how much of an impact it’s having on your brand reputation, so you can take action in the moment - you never know, you could stop a crisis in its tracks!


Orlo Insights - Trend Detection
Orlo Insights - Sentiment Emotion Themes

Trailing behind the competition?

Wondering how you compare to your rivals? Find out not only what your audience thinks, but exactly how they feel about you and your competitors. So whether they loved your latest campaign or thought your competitors did a better job, you can get a real understanding of what you need to do to come out on top!


Striving to become a 
market leader?

Want to show off your industry knowledge and position your brand as a credible thought leader? By listening for mentions of relevant keywords, hashtags and phrases, you can spot the conversations you want to be a part of, get involved in the chatter and be sure you own a share of voice to give your brand awareness a boost!

Orlo Insights - Reporting
Orlo Insights - Social Listening Streams

Unsure how to unearth intelligence?

Want to know what’s being said about your latest product release? Listen in to both public and private conversations related to your brand and let powerful AI provide you with invaluable insights, so you can make improvements to solve negative feedback and amplify those glowing reviews at the click of a button.


Want to find out more about Orlo Insights?

If you are interested in discovering what our AI-powered Insights suite can do for your organisation connect with one of our expert consultants and a personalised demonstration tailored to your business goals.

Let us show you how you can use our platform to manage your reputation, improve customer experience, boost engagement, and turn your insights into action!