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Orlo Insights - Trend Detection

Our caption generator powered by ChatGPT!

A brand new tool within the Orlo platform - and the first of its kind - Generate enables you to craft engaging posts effortlessly. Drive time and cost efficiencies in your social media processes and save your team a whole load of energy too! 

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Save time when scheduling

Every comms, social media and marketing professional knows that the content creation process is a real time suck. Save yourself hours by letting Generate do the heavy lifting. Simply type in a few words on what the post is about, select the tone of voice you want to go for and away you go - it really is that easy!


Be even more engaging

Social media is all about the art of engagement and with Generate in your toolkit, you're able to craft engaging captions at the click of a button. Want to include emojis, write in another language or use a certain tone of voice? Just let it know - and if you're ever stuck for hashtag ideas, just flip to ‘Hashtag’ mode and let the tech do its thing!


Wave goodbye to writer's block

Underpinned by ChatGPT, the most advanced AI chatbot to exist, there's a whole lot of power packed into this nifty little feature. With as little as a few words, Generate can provide you with a human-sounding caption that's ready for you to use, so writer's block can be a thing of the past! 


Get rid of repetition

Whether you're legally required to share certain posts regularly or you've got an ongoing social campaign, when you're writing about the same topics over and over, things can start to sound repetitive... until now! Generate gives you the ability to rephrase posts at the click of a button, so you never have to think of 52 ways to say the same thing again. 

Ready to find out more?

Want to see what the Orlo platform could do for your organisation? Request a call now and let's have a chat about how we can help you to manage reputation, improve experience and boost engagement with our platform jam packed with features!