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The Orlo Way

Behind the product...

We're on a mission to build an amazing company that solves complex problems - and have fun along the way! Orlonians are a bunch of genuine people who work hard everyday to support our customers in delivering the best possible customer experience through digital channels.

The Orlo Way



Knowing me, knowing you aha! At the start of your Orlo journey we want you to get to know us and the platform well, and our Sales & Business Development teams want to get to know you even better! 



Our Customer Success team are hopelessly devoted to you, so expect to hear from them regularly with quarterly pulses, plenty of opportunities for feedback and ongoing support. 



Your contract is signed, sealed, delivered - we're yours! This is when the fun begins. You'll meet your Customer Success Manager, put a plan in place and begin training. Welcome aboard the good ship Orlo! 



There's always room for improvement, so our Development team are always making ch-ch-ch-changes. Tell us what you want to see on the road-map and Marketing will keep you in the loop with updates.

Meet the team...

Hannah Yorke

Sector Specialist

A real people person, Hannah loves nothing more than having a good chinwag and finding out all about you! As one of our Specialists, she will likely be one of the first Orlonian’s you meet on your journey and will understand your challenges, goals and needs before taking you through the Orlo difference.


Gurdip Sodhi

Sector Consultant

The expert in his sector, Gurdip will be by your side throughout the ‘Discovery’ phase. As on of our Consultants, he’s a font of knowledge when it comes to the platform. He‘ll be your main port of call for any questions or queries, guiding you through the process of selecting the Orlo solutions and features that will help you achieve your goals.

Rosie Watts

Customer Success Manager 

Rosie is customer obsessed! As a Customer Success Manager, she puts you at the heart of everything she does, so she’ll be your partner in crime when it comes to getting the most out of the Orlo platform. Whether you need a hand with planning or would like some additional training, Rosie's your woman - you best get her number on speed dial pronto! 

Nikki Powell

Customer Support Specialist

Here to support you day in, day out, Nikki's just a live chat message away. As part of the Customer Success team, she always puts the customer first and is ready to spring into action if something isn’t working for you quite the way it should.

David Goodwin

Development Manager

David is the brains behind the Orlo platform. Have a suggestion for the next thing on the product roadmap? David is the guy who’s gonna make it happen! As part of the Product and Development team, he’s a real tech whizz who works hard to not only create shiny new product features but fix any pesky bugs too.

Gemma Scorey

Marketing Manager

Part of the team bringing you all the thought leadership content your heart desires, Gemma has creativity by the bucket load. If you attend an event, or work on a success story you’ll meet Gemma one-to-one. Otherwise, she'll be keeping in touch via email and social channels to bring you the latest content and product updates.

Captains of the ship

Ben Nimmo,
Founder & CTO

Our fearless founder, Ben is the visionary behind Orlo. Dreamt up in his bedroom, our powerful platform came into existence when Ben encountered a problem he just had to solve. It’s his passion for solving problems that enables Orlo’s technology to continually evolve and develop each and every day.

Phil Evans,
Managing Director

Leader of the pack, Phil has had a rich career in the technology industry and since becoming an Orlonian in 2019, is key to driving the business forward. Often found by the marketing desks putting forward his latest campaign suggestion or laughing at his own dad jokes with the sales team, Phil is at the heart of Orlo’s great culture. 


The Orlo Difference

There are countless social media management tools, live chat integrations and solutions to handle digital conversations with your customers. So, what sets our platform apart from the rest? Read about the one platform to manage your digital conversations.

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